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AtCash is a technology provider that specializes in remote trust solutions. We have specific technologies focused on identity, video verification, contracts and blockchain that solve a number of use cases. Pick one software solution or the end-to-end platform as a service.

Whether you are a small notary, a financial institution, a large enterprise, a marketplace, or a startup come talk to us. We have invested significantly in building solutions that are easy to implement. Whether you want a specific capability like identity verification or an end-to-end trust platform, let us help.

You can license our solutions, white label them, or consume our API’s. At the heart of our application is a process-based implementation. This allows us to solve for several use cases quickly.

If we haven’t already solved for your use case, we can do so rapidly through our RapidDev 911 program. For a fixed fee, we will customize our products to fit your use case. 


AtCash - An Overview

Hear our CEO talk about AtCash and its vision. Watch her as she introduces the company, its products and its aspirations.

AtCash in under two minutes!