Frequently asked questions and their answers

We are continually evolving and challenging ourselves to up our game. We moved from a micro use case to a more framework based model. If you've been tracking us, you will see some new products and focus areas. We appreciate that you probably have some questions. We encourage you to contact us directly. In the mean-time, however here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

Are all your products blockchain based?

No, Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT is just one of the technologies we use. We focus on digital transformation first and the technology later. We don't want the tail wagging the dog. If DLT makes sense that we use it. If it doesn't we don't. Our applications can be implemented using blockchain as another level of security. However, if you are interested in a non-blockchain based implementation of our solution that is available as well. 

Do you have API's available?

Yes, we have API's available for all our software. You can also license or white label our superior 

Do you build custom solutions?

Yes, we build custom use cases using our technology modules. In many cases they help solve for common problems related to remote services and identity that people are trying to solve. 

What DLT platforms are you using?

AtCash has a strong background in blockchain technology, especially in Hyperledger and Corda. Our AtCash' T.I.M.E (Trust and Identity Management Engine) system is built on top of Hyperledger Fabric, an open source DLT platform. It is hosted by Linux foundation and is a global collaboration with large industry giants like IBM. 

Why the name AtCash? 

What is the one thing that is still not digitized the way it should be? The answer is cash. We embrace the challenge of digitization and that is reflected in our name. Some day we will set our eyes on digitizing cash. Currently, however we are embracing the biggest barrier to many processes, trust. 

How can we become a reseller?

We welcome all reseller and partnership opportunities. We thing our products are ripe for picking, especially in markets that are embracing remote processes.