We are committed to helping our clients realize the full power of blockchain and remote service technologies. Our experienced team of business and platform specialists can customize the solution to your use case.

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9 day rapid design


Rapid design


Implementation to support

Business Consulting

9-day rapid design: For a low fees we engage on short consulting engagement to provide a preliminary design for your use case using our technology assets.If your use case involves identity, video evidencing, digital contracts, notarization, trust exchange or blockchain and can be serviced with customization of our existing platform, we will do your ideal partner to flesh your vision out.

Rapid Prototype: Ready to take your vision to the next level, we can rapidly prototype. How does a preliminary prototype in 4 weeks sound? In a innovation lab environment, we convert our design to something you can bring to live.

Implementation to Support: Ready to bring the product to live and take it to production? We will credit 50% of your design and prototype fees to the implementation. 1 year support plan.