We are what we believe. We take our business seriously; however, we take how we do business even more seriously. Our core values dictate everything from our approach to our solutions. We run everything we do through this fabric to see if it resonates with our beliefs.


Keep it simple

Thing do not have to be complicated. The most successful solutions seem obvious. They lead us to say "I could have thought of that!" We challenge ourselves every day not to complicate things. If there a simpler way of doing things we will find it.

Also, simple doesn't mean stupid. It just means that the user experience should always be intuitive, even if it means that we take some of the complexity on to the back end.


Trust Matters

Trust is our business. Our systems allow people to exchange trust on a daily basis. We have dedicated ourselves to matters of trust as trust matters.

We also take the trust our clients and consumers place in us very seriously and go above and beyond to maintain it.



The same way it takes a village to raise a child, it takes many people to nurture an innovative disruption. We need partners who know the markets we are interested in. We need partners with the capability to help our solutions reach the masses.

Sometimes this means that we partner with governments and other state entities through public-private partnerships. Sometimes this means we partner with private entities that take our solutions to market. If you want to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more.



There is no denying that we live in global world that seems to be shrinking around us. Innovations cross boundaries in near real-time. People, technologies, ideas all travel globally. We support this trend fully. However, we also recognize a trend towards nationalism. More and more governments want greater control of their citizens' information. Many global multinationals maintain centralized data centers.

This leads to a natural conflict with nations looking for localized solutions. Our approach is to deploy our solutions locally. Our preference is to leverage existing infrastructure and investments already made by governments in local hosting. We will deploy solutions hosted in the local cloud in the absence of existing infrastructure.



Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Lots of good technologies exist and have delivered good user experiences and functionality. Technology fads come and go. However, there is no substitute for performance.

We recognize our clients have already invested heavily in legacy solutions. We make it a priority to ensure interoperability and effective communications with legacy systems minus the significant cost.



As you sow so you shall reap. We want to build a business based on strong core values. We also want to build an inclusive business model. We put trust at the center of our solutions. We envision a world where everybody can participate in innovations.

Good actions equal good karma and bad actions equal bad karma. We want good karma so we focus on the good actions. Whether it is financial inclusion, access to health records, exchange of critical documents, or a platform that helps you keep your word, our solutions seek to do good.