Winning Proposition: AtCash's technology platform will enable the next generation of trust services and networks across industries. We will leverage the latest technologies to create identity and reputation systems, data sharing, consent mechanisms, automation, governance and simplification.

We have built secure and easy to implement trust solutions for businesses, governments, and consumers.

modular solutions

Not everyone has the desire or bandwidth to implement end-to-end solutions. Sometimes what we do is only a part of your solution. Perhaps you are a marketplace that is interested only in identity verification, or a financial institution interested in digital contracts. In either case, you can choose only what you are interested in.

If you are interested in blockchain based sharing networks, again you will find your solution at a fraction of the cost, it will take you to build it.

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end-to-end solutions

Perhaps you are looking to solve specific use cases. Want to onboard your customers remotely? Want to notarize documents remotely or create video-based evidences for approvals, assignments and more? Looking to create a marketplace for identity-as-a-service? We have solutions for each of these. There are many other use cases which can be enabled end-to-end on our platforms, just ask.


Our trust platform helps exchange "trust" with the people that matter most to you